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pfeil-1 Interferometer fizeau
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pfeil-2WFIZ 30
pfeil-2MFIZ 10
pfeil-1 grazing incidene
pfeil-2SH 60
pfeil-2EP 30
pfeil-1 linear
pfeil-1 micro positioning Sys.
pfeil-2präpla S
pfeil-2präpla L
pfeil-1 air bearing linear
pfeil-2LLL 50-50-500
pfeil-2LLS 25-60
pfeil-2LLW 100-160
pfeil-1 air bearing rotational
pfeil-2LLH 40-40
pfeil-2LLH 40-80
pfeil-2LLH 240-80
pfeil-2LLH 240-120
pfeil-1 air bearing planar
pfeil-2LLP 100-100
pfeil-1-active reference standards
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90° reference checking

optical mirror cube
mounted in a profection cover
on a magnetic socket (base)

cube dimensions: 15 mm
cube material: BK 7
mirror surface

accuarcy: /2

angular accuracy:
± 5 arcsec standard
± 1 arcsec optional

typical applications:
reproducability checks of angular positioning systems like turn tables, tilt stages, goniometers, robots, NC positioning systems together with a autocollimation system or the IntOp interferometer; best with MFIZ 10
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